Barbara A. Kearns – is the owner and manager of the Kearns Funeral Home and has been a licensed Funeral Director attending to the needs of families since receiving her license in 1988. Barbara worked side by side with her father, Anthony P. Kearns Jr. until his death in 2002. It is with great pride she continues the legacy he started.

Raymond E. Hatton- joined the Kearns family when he married Maggie Kearns in 1991. In January of 2006, Ray received his Funeral Director's License and joined the family business. With his long established roots in Readington Township and his involvement in our community, Ray has embraced the philosophy of helping families as if they were his own.

Mrs. Anthony P. Kearns Jr. (Barbara)-while not a licensed Funeral Director and not able to make funeral arrangements, embalm or conduct funerals, she serves a very important role in the family business. From the day Kearns Funeral Home opened their doors, she has seen to the funeral home’s day to day operations. It is with her guidance and compassion for the families we serve, that the Kearns Funeral Home is able to flourish.

The Kearns Funeral Home has been family owned and operated since 1974.

It is a spacious 200 year old colonial home, which is easily accessible, and minutes from Route 78, Route 22 and Route 287. It has ample off street parking. The funeral home was originally a Stage Coach Stop and in the early 1900’s served as a Boarding House. It is with great pride we continue to maintain and preserve the beauty of the home.

We know it can be very difficult and uncomfortable when entering a funeral home. We have made it our mission to keep the building’s appearance and décor that of a home and not a business.