Barbara A. Kearns – is the owner and manager of the Kearns Funeral Home and has been a licensed Funeral Director attending to the needs of families since receiving her license in 1988. Barbara worked side by side with her father, Anthony P. Kearns Jr. until his death in 2002. It is with great pride she continues the legacy he started.

Patricia A. Kearns Sanderson - spent 25 years as a housewife and mother of four before joining her sister, Barbara, in the family business.  Returning to school while working in the office, she completed her education and earned her NJ State Funeral Director's License in 2013.  Patty takes great pride in serving the families of this community and in joining her sister in following the footsteps of their father.

Mrs. Anthony P. Kearns Jr. (Barbara)- while not a licensed Funeral Director and not able to make funeral arrangements, embalm, or conduct funerals, she serves a very important role in the family business. From the day Kearns Funeral Home opened their doors, she has seen to the funeral home’s day to day operations. It is with her guidance and compassion for the families we serve, that the Kearns Funeral Home is able to flourish.